Past Colloquia

Fall 2016

9/16, Friday, 4pm | Social

Start of Semester Drinks at Town Hall Brewery

9/23, Friday, 1.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Hagar Kotef, SOAS

Home (and the ruins that remain): An Inquiry into the Desires of Settler Colonialism

10/7, Friday, 1.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Banu Bargu, The New School for Social Research

The Silent Exception: Hunger Striking and Lip-Sewing

10/14, Friday, 1pm | Dissertation Defense

David Temin, University of Minnesota

Remapping the World: Vine Deloria, Jr. and the Ends of Settler Sovereignty

10/21, Friday, 1.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Shai Gortler, University of Minnesota

Between Active and Docile Subjects: Thomas Mott Osborne’s Participatory Panopticon

10/28, Friday, 1.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Lisa Guenther, Vanderbilt University

Unmaking and Remaking the World in Long-Term Solitary Confinement

12/2, Friday, 1.30pm | Talk

On Freedom as Marronage by Neil Roberts (University of Chicago Press, 2015)

Spring 2016

1/28, Thursday, 5.15pm | Screening

Discussion on The Birth of Biopolitics (1978-1979) at the Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought (Nancy Fraser, Richard Brooks, Kendall Thomas).

2/5, Friday, 3.30pm | Roundtable

‘Methods’ in Political Theory with Joan Tronto, Nancy Luxon, and Robert Nichols.

2/11, Thursday, 5.15pm | Screening

Discussion on On the Government of the Living (1979-1980) at the Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought (Achille Mbembe, Daniele Lorenzini, Jean Cohen).

2/19, Friday, 3.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Glen Coulthard, University of British Columbia

Fanonian Antinomies: Third Worldism and North American Settler-Colonialism

Suggested reading- Glen Coulthard, “Resentment and Indigenous Politics,” in Patrick Wolfe (ed.), The Settler Complex (Los Angeles: UCLA American Indian Studies Centre Press, 2016), pp. 155-72.

2/26, Friday, 3.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Elena Gambino, University of Minnesota

Sapphic Ambivalences: Rethinking Nietzschean Contestation for Feminist Practices of Democracy

3/3, Thursday, 5.15pm | Screening

Discussion on Subjectivity and Truth (1980-1981) at the Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought (Judith Butler, Katherine Franke, Stathis Gourgouris).

3/4, Friday, 3.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Nancy Luxon, University of Minnesota

Resistance and Representations: Postcolonialism and Political Theory Revisited

3/10, Thursday, 5.15pm | Screening

Discussion on The Hermeneutics of the Subject (1981-1982) at the Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought (Rosi Braidotti, Lydia Liu, and Rosalind Morris).

3/11, Friday, 3.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Anoush Terjanian, East Carolina University

Teary Cosmopolitanism at the Origins of Political Economy

3/31, Thursday, 5.15pm | Screening

Discussion on The Government of Self and Others (1982-1983) at the Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought (Judith Revel, Sharon Marcus, John Rajchman).

4/14, Thursday, 5.15pm | Screening

Discussion on The Courage of Truth (1983-1984) at the Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought (Frédéric Gros, Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak).

4/15, Friday, 2.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Ayten Gündoğdu, Barnard College, Columbia University

Between the Human and the Person: A Critical Inquiry into the Subject of Rights

4/22, Friday, 2.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Chris Stone, University of Minnesota

The Community of the Faithful as a Political Project

4/29, Friday, 2.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Adom Getachew, University of Chicago

From Principle to Right: The Anti-Colonial Reinvention of Self-Determination

Fall 2015

9/11, Friday, 2.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Jane Gordon, University of Connecticut

“Creolizing Political Theory: Reading Rousseau through Fanon”

Discussant- Quynh Pham, University of Minnesota

9/25, Friday, 2.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Cristina Beltrán, New York University

“Undocumented and Acting Up: Queering Sovereignty in the Immigrant Rights Movement”

Discussant- Avram Munoz, University of Minnesota

10/16, Friday, 2.30pm | Talk

Speaker- David Temin, University of Minnesota

Practice Job Talk

10/23, Friday, 2.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Chase Hobbs-Morgan, University of Minnesota

Practice Job Talk

10/30, Friday, 2.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Robert Nichols, University of Minnesota

“Primitive Accumulation, Dispossession, and ‘The Theft of Land’ in Marx’s Capital

11/6, Friday, 2.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Lawrie Balfour, University of Virginia

“Repairing the Carceral Polity”

11/13, Friday, 2.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Kara Wentworth, UC San Diego

“Disposable Bodies on the Slaughterhouse Kill Floor”

Spring 2015

Political Theory Prelim Study Group

We will engage a set of late modern and contemporary texts from the canon of Western political thought. Although the readings chosen are primarily designed to help graduate students begin preparing for the political theory prelim in a rigorous but also supportive atmosphere, everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend and contribute to the conversations we will be having on these important texts.

2/6, 2.30pm | Discussion

“Emergences: Civil Society and the State”

This set of readings explores the ways in which theoretical/philosophical debates on freedom, power, etc. coalesced onto a set of assumptions and, subsequently, political institutions premised on those assumptions.  

Readings: Kant, “What is Enlightenment?” and “Idea for a Universal History” and/or “Conflict of the Faculties”; Hegel, Philosophy of Right (selections TBD).

2/13, 2.30pm | Discussion

“Critiques of Politics and the Political Subject”

This week asks us to consider the ways in which the narratives of emergence ­­ and their constitutive moments of disjuncture ­­ explored in Week 1 are pried open.

Readings: Marx, “On the Jewish Question,” and Capital, Chapter 1; Weber, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (selections).

2/20, 2.30pm | Discussion

“Resistance, Emancipation and their Limits: I”                                              

This week is intended to help us explore some possible routes for theorizing resistance to these institutional/political arrangements. In particular, it would ask both how resistance and emancipation are imagined (both methodologically and materially) and to think about the ways in which these narratives enable or constrain political action.

Readings: Marx, “Communist Manifesto”; Foucault, Power/Knowledge (selections); Nietzsche, “On the Uses and Disadvantages of History for Life”

3/13, 2.30pm | Discussion

“Resistance, Emancipation and their Limits – II”     

This week continues the conversation from the previous week, by asking us to consider the ways in which 19th century concepts of “resistance” and “emancipation” are taken up in 20th century contexts. In particular, it seeks to focus our attention on the concrete material conditions in which political action must occur, and directs us to ways of retheorizing and reconceptualizing the meaning (and limits) of political action.             

Readings: Horkheimer & Adorno, “The Concept of Enlightenment” in Dialectic of Enlightenment, Judith Butler’s “Imitation and Gender Subordination,” and Foucault’s “Truth and Power” and “The Subject and Power.”

Speaker Series

2/27, 2.30pm | Talk

Speaker- David Temin, University of Minnesota

Dissertation Chapter Discussion

3/27, 2.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Ari-Elmeri Hyvönen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland +  Bard College

“Political Action Beyond Resistance: Arendt and ‘Revolutionary Spirit’ after 2011”

4/3, 2.30pm | Reading

Grégoire Chamayou, A Theory of the Drone (New York: The New Press, 2014).

4/10, 1.15pm | GSPP Event

Speaker- Eileen Boris, UC Santa Barbara

“Organizing the Home Workplace: Making Women through Global Labor Standards”

Discussants: Ramah McKay, University of Minnesota; Greta Friedemann-Sanchez, University of Minnesota; Lisa Park, University of Minnesota; Shaquonica Johnson, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota; Galen Smith, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota

Moderator: Joan Tronto, University of Minnesota

4/13, 1.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Vivienne Bozalek, University of the Western Cape, South Africa

“Power, democracy, and care: Towards a normative framework for technology-enhanced learning”

4/14, 3.30pm | Discussion

Speaker- Vivienne Bozalek, University of the Western Cape, South Africa

“Posthumanism and Political Possibilities: The Contributions of Karen Barad”

4/17, 2.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Andrew Dilts, Loyola Marymount University

“Prison Killjoys and the Social Life & Death of Mass Incarceration”

Suggested reading- Andrew Dilts, Punishment and Inclusion: Race, Membership, and the Limits of American Liberalism (New York: Fordham University, 2014)- Introduction and Chapter 1.

4/24, 2.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Chase Hobbs-Morgan, University of Minnesota

“Greenhouse Democracy”

5/1, 2.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Lida Maxwell, Trinity College

“Truth in Public: Chelsea Manning, Gender Identity, and the Politics of Truth-Telling,” Theory and Event 2015.

Fall 2014

9/19, 2.30pm | Reading

Barnor Hesse, “Escaping Liberty,” Political Theory 2014.

Discussant- David Temin, University of Minnesota

9/26, 2.30pm | Reading

Philip Mirowski, “The Red Guide to the Neoliberal Playbook,” in Never let a serious crisis go to waste: How neoliberalism survived the financial meltdown (New York: Verso, 2014).

Discussant- Bryan Nakayama, University of Minnesota

10/3, 2.30pm | Reading

Melvin Rogers, “David Walker and the Political Power of the Appeal,” Political Theory 2014.

Discussant- Adam Dahl, University of Minnesota

10/9, 4pm | Talk (co-sponsored with Center for Medieval Studies)

Speaker- Cary Nederman, Texas A&M

“Cicero Speaks French: Ciceronian Themes in Brunetto Latini, Nicole Oresme, and Christine de Pizan”

10/10, 12.15pm | Center for Bioethics Seminar

Speaker- Joan Tronto, University of Minnesota

“Responsibility and Authority: Multiple Perspectives for Practice in Clinical Ethics”

10/17, 2.30pm | Reading

Immanuel Wallerstein and Randall Collins et al, Does Capitalism have a Future? (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013).

Discussant- Vish Arya, University of Minnesota

10/31, 2.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Margaret Urban Walker

“Moral Vulnerability and the Task of Reparations” from Catriona Mackenzie, Wendy Rogers, and Susan Dodds (eds.), Vulnerability: New Essays in Ethics and Feminist Philosophy

11/7, 1.15pm | GSPP Event

Speaker- Ramah McKay, University of Minnesota

“Nourishing Relations: On Food as Care in Urban Africa”

11/21, 2.30pm| Talk

Speaker- Adam Dahl, University of Minnesota

Practice Job Talk

12/5, 2.30pm | Roundtable

On Political Theory Conferences with Joan Tronto, Elizabeth Beaumont, and Nancy Luxon.

Background image: “Library” by Stewart Butterfield, via Flickr/Creative Commons 2.0