3/1 | Althea Sircar

Life under Totalitarianism

Hannah Arendt and Michel Henry on Oppressive Political Conditions

Althea Sircar is a Consortium for Faculty Diversity teaching fellow in the Dept of Political Science at Macalester. She has a distant former life as a traditional comparativist and an M.A. in Asian Studies specializing in South Asian history and politics. She will receive her Ph.D. in Political Science in June 2017 from UCLA. Her dissertation in political theory titled “Affective Political Community: Michel Henry and the Ontological Subject” argues for a renewed attention to the self-generating aspects of subjective life in situations where there are seemingly irreconcilable political differences. She also writes on human/animal relations in the Anthropocene and on the concept of will, and is involved in a collaborative project on autonomous educational spaces as sites of knowledge production and resistance to neoliberalism.