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All sessions take place in the Lippincott Room (1314 Social Sciences), unless otherwise noted.

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Spring 2017

1/27, Friday, 4pm | Social

Start of Semester Drinks at Republic

3/24, Friday, 1.30pm | Discussion

Political Theory Prelim Meeting with Faculty

3/31, Friday, 1.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Elena Gambino, University of Minnesota

“Revolution and Resignification: Compulsory Textuality in Feminist Theory”

4/7, Friday, 1.30pm | Talk

Speaker- David Temin, University of Minnesota

“Black Lives Matter, Antagonistic Politics, and the Limits of Mourning”

4/21, Friday, 1.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Robert Nichols, University of Minnesota

“Theft is Property!: The Recursive Logic of Dispossession”

4/28, Friday, 1.30pm | Talk

Speaker- Jakeet Singh, Illinois State University


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